16 December 2011

End of semester exhibition.

Today was our end of semester show. I was so relieved to finally get all of my work handed in (on time!!!) and display it for everyone to see as well as being able to see what everyone else in the class had been getting up to over the past few months. Above are a few pictures of my exhibition space.

Things to do when you die

23 November 2011

New print

New print ready for sale!

16 November 2011


Legless anatomy

A project about the understanding of the anatomy of a mermaid, that resulted in a book and an anatomical model.

12 November 2011

School Trip.

I was feeling a bit uninspired with ideas of what to do for my next project so last week I took myself on a trip to Liverpool and saw lots of nice things in the National museum and the Walker Art Gallery.

First project finished.

I have finally completed my first project and sent my book off to print, can't wait to see the result!

Big drawings.

With the deadline of my project looming I forgot to mention that our class took part in the Big Draw a few weeks ago now. The theme was 'the exquisite corpse' so we all got to draw parts of a creature and then piece them all together. It was nice to do some big drawings for a change. (mine is the torso)

13 October 2011

Playing Hairdresser.

Yesterday I scalped a Barbie (or Sindy?) and gave her a new 'do- for my current project.

02 October 2011

Model House

Not the best drawing of a house in the world but at least i kept my word. I think I might build some little houses of my own.

26 September 2011

Model Village

Also over the summer break I visited one of my hometown of Southport's best attractions- the model village. Drawings to follow... when i get around to doing them.

A Venezia

Also went to Venice- crucifixes, shrines and dead animals galore.

In Berlin

I went to Berlin over the summer break, I want to go again.

En Barcelona

I have done quite a bit of travelling this year so for the next few posts I will just be bombarding you with photographs from my travels. You are spared my pictures from Rotterdam and Amsterdam because my camera broke so here are some pictures I took in Barcelona at the start of the summer break.