23 November 2011

New print

New print ready for sale!

16 November 2011


Legless anatomy

A project about the understanding of the anatomy of a mermaid, that resulted in a book and an anatomical model.

12 November 2011

School Trip.

I was feeling a bit uninspired with ideas of what to do for my next project so last week I took myself on a trip to Liverpool and saw lots of nice things in the National museum and the Walker Art Gallery.

First project finished.

I have finally completed my first project and sent my book off to print, can't wait to see the result!

Big drawings.

With the deadline of my project looming I forgot to mention that our class took part in the Big Draw a few weeks ago now. The theme was 'the exquisite corpse' so we all got to draw parts of a creature and then piece them all together. It was nice to do some big drawings for a change. (mine is the torso)