02 September 2013


A café around the corner is advertising life drawing sessions that I can't afford to attend. Drawing envy.

22 August 2013

Tiger Lillies.

Detail of a recent competition entry.

06 August 2013


A study of our current collection of house plants.

28 July 2013


Can't stop buying plants. This Elkhorn is my favourite so far.

22 July 2013


I visited the Horniman Museum & Gardens yesterday. They have the most well presented exhibition of taxidermy that I have seen in England- see for yourself above.

05 July 2013

In July far far I fly

My Laura Marling 7" cover is featured in the current issue of Clash magazine- on the same page as pieces by  Gilbert And George and Ai Weiwei(!!!!!)

09 June 2013

In June I change my tune.

I moved to London yesterday. Before the move, I rushed to complete stuffing my first specimen, unsupervised- the Kestrel Dave had given me. The process felt a bit more complex this time but it was probably due to my inexperience rather than the bird. I attempted to kill two birds with one stone and do a Jay simultaneously but I had too much packing and organising to do, so will have to finish it next time I visit home. For now I have run out of dead birds so I'll go back to drawing in the meantime.

04 June 2013

Good news and more good news- Secret 7" edition.

So my print from this years Secret 7" arrived- which was good. Within hours I received an email from the organisers saying that Clash Music have selected my 7" artwork to feature in their next issue, in a piece about the event- which is crazy exciting.

25 May 2013

Two for joy.

Here is my finished magpie!... and my next two projects.

24 May 2013

One for sorrow.

Today might have been the best day ever. Ever. With the guidance of a local taxidermy genius, Dave Pilkington, (website) I finally began my first (of an inevitable many) taxidermy project! I have been toying with the idea of practicing taxidermy for a few years now, but as I can barely watch gory operations on TV on top of the fact I wouldn't know where to start,I have been putting it off. As it turns out I had no issue with skinning my magpie and I can't wait to stuff it tomorrow. I will update you with the finished article tomorrow.

P.s if you have any aversion to dead animals leave now, I'm already on the downward spiral of addiction.

21 April 2013


I was very lucky to be part of the Secret 7" fundraiser for a second consecutive year, this time in aid of Art Against Knives. Here is my cover design for Laura Marling's 'The Beast' based on the line "and he lies, he lies so sweet that I choke", which was exhibited for one weekend – April 13th and 14th – and sold the following weekend, on Record Store Day, (yesterday) at their profoundly successful fundraiser at  Mother in Shoreditch, alongside an abundance of admirable artists. To see all of the participants' work and find out more about the exhibition and the cause click here.

Yeah you city grrrl

One thing that I have delayed to post is my signed copy of the CSS 7" single design that I created for Secret 7" 2012. The arrival of the single was itself delayed due to the first copy going missing in the post. Nevertheless the extremely kind Secret 7" team arranged to have another copy produced and the prolonged wait did not decrease excitement of seeing it in print.

20 April 2013

In April I open my bill

It is rapidly approaching the anniversary of my graduation and its is clear that evidence of my postgraduate creative progression on this blog is severely lacking. 

The motivation to produce new work has been, without the routine of going to the studio each day, surrounded by like-minded peers, more difficult than anticipated. Conversely, it has been very easy since moving back to my home town, to slip into the monotonous cycle of going to my postgraduate job in retail each day, convincing myself it is only temporary, and filling my days off with an endless to-do list of distractions- all of which leave me with very little to present on my blog. 

However, I am happy to say my new 'work' has not been without compensation. I have been scrupulously saving and within the next few months I will be re-locating to our nation's capital, a move that I hope will inspire the vibrant and discomforting motivation I have been without.

My creative hibernation is over and whether it be new work or a documentation of a continuing spiral into the uninspiring life as a sales assistant, be assured I will be blogging.