20 April 2013

In April I open my bill

It is rapidly approaching the anniversary of my graduation and its is clear that evidence of my postgraduate creative progression on this blog is severely lacking. 

The motivation to produce new work has been, without the routine of going to the studio each day, surrounded by like-minded peers, more difficult than anticipated. Conversely, it has been very easy since moving back to my home town, to slip into the monotonous cycle of going to my postgraduate job in retail each day, convincing myself it is only temporary, and filling my days off with an endless to-do list of distractions- all of which leave me with very little to present on my blog. 

However, I am happy to say my new 'work' has not been without compensation. I have been scrupulously saving and within the next few months I will be re-locating to our nation's capital, a move that I hope will inspire the vibrant and discomforting motivation I have been without.

My creative hibernation is over and whether it be new work or a documentation of a continuing spiral into the uninspiring life as a sales assistant, be assured I will be blogging. 

1 comment:

  1. You've pretty much just described my life since graduating... it's so hard to get back into the frame of mind I had whilst at uni and going into the studio everyday. Instead I've started the slippery downward slope of getting into the routine of going to work every day and then having no motivation once I get home. Good luck for your move to London though!