25 May 2013

Two for joy.

Here is my finished magpie!... and my next two projects.

24 May 2013

One for sorrow.

Today might have been the best day ever. Ever. With the guidance of a local taxidermy genius, Dave Pilkington, (website) I finally began my first (of an inevitable many) taxidermy project! I have been toying with the idea of practicing taxidermy for a few years now, but as I can barely watch gory operations on TV on top of the fact I wouldn't know where to start,I have been putting it off. As it turns out I had no issue with skinning my magpie and I can't wait to stuff it tomorrow. I will update you with the finished article tomorrow.

P.s if you have any aversion to dead animals leave now, I'm already on the downward spiral of addiction.