20 September 2014

Moving on

Having revamped my portfolio it seems an appropriate time to move over to Tumblr (a move I have been meaning to make for a very long time now). I will still be keeping my blogspot up for now as an archive, however from now on I will be posting updates about my work exclusively my new blog www.jaketyas.tumblr.com see you there!

26 June 2014

Glass House

I have had some time off from my day job this week, which means I have finally had time to be productive. Unfortunately my scanner isn't in the same spirit, so I have nothing as yet to show for my productivity apart from these photographs from Kew Gardens, which is my new favourite place after visiting it this week. I will be uploading my new work and updating my website as soon as possible so watch this space.

13 April 2014

Secret is out

This weekend was the third annual Secret 7" exhibition and for the first time in three years of taking part in the event I managed to visit the exhibition hosted at Mother London Gallery in Shoreditch.

24 February 2014

22 February 2014

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